Barcode Types Produced by OnMerge Barcodes

OnMerge Barcodes

OnMerge Barcodes produces all of the popular barcode types (known as "Symbologies") that are commonly in use.

2 of 5 Industrial Barcode, Standard 2 of 5, Code 25

2 of 5 Interleaved Barcode, ITF-14, EAN-14, SCC-14, DUN14, GTIN-14

Amazon™ FNSKU Barcode (OnMerge ver 2.32+)

Amazon™ Transparency Label Barcode(OnMerge ver 3.20+)

Eventbrite™ Ticket Barcode (OnMerge ver 2.32+)

Rational Codabar, GS1 Databar, USD-4, NW-7, 2 of 7

Code 128 Barcode [4 barcodes: Auto, A, B, C Encodings]

Code 39 Barcode, 3 of 9, Barcode/39, LOGMARS
[2 barcodes: Code 39 and Code 39 Extended]

Code 93 Barcode

Data Matrix, GS1 Datamatrix Barcodes

EAN 13, JAN 13, GTIN-13 Barcodes

EAN 8, JAN 8, GTIN-8 Barcodes

GS1 DataBar family, RSS family
[10 barcodes: DataBar 14, DataBar Limited, DataBar Stacked, DataBar Stacked Omni, DataBar Truncated, RSS 14, RSS Limited, RSS Stacked, RSS Stacked Omin, RSS Truncated]

GSIN Barcode (OnMerge ver 2.32+)

GTIN-14 Barcode (OnMerge ver 2.32+)

ISBN Bookland, with or without extension

ISSN Barcode, with or without extension

ITF-14 Barcode (OnMerge ver 2.32+)

Micro QR Code

MSI, Plessey, Pulse Width Modulated Barcodes

PDF417 Barcode

Postnet Barcode

QR Code (includes vCard, MeCard, others)

SSCC-18 Barcode (OnMerge ver 2.32+)

UCC EAN-128, GS1-128, SCC-14, GLN, GTIN Barcodes

UPC A, GTIN-12 Barcodes

UPC E Barcodes

UPC Extension [2 barcodes: 5 and 2]

USPS OneCode, Intelligent Mail, IMB