Image Collection Examples

Simple Example

If practical, it's easiest to keep all images in a single folder. Choose the images' file names so that they contain data from one or more data variables.

In this example, assume that we're merging against a data set that contains a field named From Name which contains the names John, Paul, George and Ringo. We want to print the same letter from each Beatle, so we'll need images named John-Photo.JPG, Paul-Photo.JPG, George-Photo.JPG and Ringo-Photo.JPG all in the C:\Beatles\Pictures\ folder.

Looking at these names, we can set up an OnMerge Image that refers to Folder and File Name that comes from joining:

The Folder Name C:\Beatles\Pictures\
The result of looking up the From Name field

The above will yield the following Folder and File Names when merged:


Naturally, we also "sign" the letter with a second OnMerge Image . Simply create image files of the signatures named C:\Beatles\Pictures\John-Photo.JPG and so forth, then create the second OnMerge Image the same as above with -Photo.JPG changed to -Signature.JPG.

Real-World Example

Sometimes, it's easier to always have the same File Name for the image, but to make part of the Folder Name variable to select among various same-named images.

Suppose you run a real estate office that has collections of information about each property for sale. Each property is in a different folder named with the property's Listing Number, and each folder contains (among lots of other things) photos named FrontView.JPG and BackView.JPG. You already have a database set up which you use to create form letters to interested buyers to thank them for visiting a such-and-such property. You wish to add two photos to each letter to remind the prospect how wonderful the property is. With OnMerge Images, it's easy!

This time, let's assume the listings folders are all subfolders of the main C:\Listings\ folder. This time we'll create two OnMerge Images on the form letter. The first picture's name will be:

The Folder Name C:\Listings\
The Subfolder Name from the result of looking up the Listing Name field

The second OnMerge Image is the same as the first with \Front.JPG changed to \Back.JPG. The main point to remember is that the Folder Name can be variable to select among different possible groups of images.