What Can OnMerge Images Do for You?

OnMerge Images adds a whole new dimension to Microsoft Word's Mail Merge feature: variable images. By variable images, we mean that Word will automatically insert different images on different merged pages or records.

With OnMerge Images, you can merge different:

  • Logos
  • Photos
  • Signatures
  • Graphic symbols and Icons
  • (Images Suite only) Image files, maps, etc. from the internet
  • (Images Suite only) Images, pages and parts of pages from PDF files
  • ... Anything else that you have in image files
Some uses of OnMerge Images include:
  • Personalized letters
  • Form letters on different letterheads
  • Form letters with different signatures
  • Directories
  • Photo books
  • ID Cards
  • Catalogs
  • Menus
  • Customized brochures
  • Customized mailings
  • ... or you tell us how you're using OnMerge Images!

Images Suite option

OnMerge Images Suite is an optional upgrade to classic OnMerge Images. In addition to regular OnMerge Imges features, it adds:

WebImages: Automatically download and use variable images from the web in your Word document. It works with internet images the same way as classic OnMerge Images does with images on your hard drive or local network. You can even mix web-based and local files in the same merge session. It adds a few web-related controls to the classic OnMerge Images screens.

PDFpasteup: Use images and pages from PDF documents in your Word document. Unlike Word's PDF import feature, you can retrieve any image, page, or part of a page from one or more PDF files. The selection of specific PDF files, pages and images can be automated and driven from your mail merge database -- just like regular OnMerge Images. And, yes, PDF files on the internet are automatically retrieved. Text quality is razor-sharp and page layout is accurate. PDFpasteup has extra options to size and rotate PDF content to match your Word document.

How it works

OnMerge Images is a Microsoft Word Add-In which enhances Word's existing features.

OnMerge Images doesn't create new images -- it causes Word's Mail Merge to pull in existing collections of images when you use its Mail Merge feature. Specifically, OnMerge Images automatically goes through these steps for each picture that is merged:

  1. Select the correct image file depending on the data file for that record, as well as other information you supply. If the image is on the web, OnMerge WebImages downloads the image into your document.
  2. If the image file required in Step 1 is not available or missing, take the action that you specify such as substituting a default image, popping up an error message, or other actions.
  3. Automatically rotate the image to make it right-side-up.
  4. Size the image to fit in the available space