Running the Merge
OnMerge Barcodes

Search Word's help for "mail merge" to learn how to start merges.

OnMerge Merging

Merges containing OnMerge Barcodes work just like an ordinary merge. The only difference is that invalid-data error messages may pop up if the master document contains any barcodes with the Popup up an error message option.

Edit Individual Documents (aka Merge to New Document)

Be sure to read why Resolution is critical.

This does not apply if the Resolution option on the Barcode Setup tab is set: If you select Edit Individual Documents, the new document's barcodes will be created at the resolution for Word's currently-selected printer.

Doing an Edit Individual Documents merge will limit you to about 4000 barcodes per merge due to a limitation in Word. After that, a warning will appear and the rest of the merge will be cancelled.

To work around that limitation you can:

  • Split the merge into chunks of 4000 barcodes, or
  • Merge straight to a printer, i.e. Print Documents merge, or
  • Merge to a so-called virtual printer such as PDF virtual printer (e.g. Adobe PDF, doPDF, etc.) or Microsoft XPS Device Writer; i.e. Print Documents merge, then select the desired virtual printer from the printer-selection dialog that will pop up next.