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How to Format and Position OnMerge Images and Barcodes
You may be accustomed to framing pictures or placing pictures at specific places on the page by using picture formatting or text boxes, but you can't do that with OnMerge images. Instead, you can very easily do the same thing by placing an OnMerge image into a 1 x 1 table, then formatting or positioning the table. Of course, that's only necessary for OnMerge images; it's business as usual for regular images.

I'm going to very quickly demonstrate doing this using the ABC Dealership Sales Letter Sample which ships with OnMerge Images. I’ll position the OnMerge image in the top right corner of the letter, place a border around it, and even show you how you can overlay some text on top of it.

To start, I'm going to insert a blank 1x1 table near where I want it. That’s Table, Insert, Table, 1 row, 1 column, and Autofit to Contents. When you hover near the edges of the table, you'll see the four-headed arrow on the top left. You can grab that four-headed arrow to move the table around like this, or you can click it to select it.

Once the table is selected, you can format it with Table, Table Properties. This works very much like the regular text wrapping controls where you can adjust the alignment, positioning and the text wrapping around the table. Use the Borders and Shading button to get rid of the default border, or change its style and color if you like. Here, I'm setting up a border that will be easy to see on this video.

You can insert a new OnMerge image into the table by placing the cursor inside of it and inserting an OnMerge image as usual, or you can drag an existing OnMerge image into it like this.

You'll notice that there is a small amount of blank padding on either side of the picture frame. To get rid of it, just go back to the Table Properties, click on the Options button, and set the Left and Right Margins to zero.

How to Place Text Over OnMerge Images and Barcodes

That's all there is to formatting and positioning OnMerge images, but some people have asked how to place text over OnMerge images in tables. Make sure nothing is selected; click on Insert, Text Box; press the Esc key to skip the drawing canvas; click and drag the mouse to create a text box.

To get rid of the text box’ opaque background and black border, hover the mouse over the border until you see that four headed-arrow again, then click to select the text box. You can now select Format, Text Box; go to the Colors and Lines tab, and change both the Fill and the Line Colors to No Fill and No Line. I’ll position the text box over the OnMerge image, enter some text, and format it.

I'm John D. with OnMerge, and that's how easy it is to position and format OnMerge images.

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