Running the Merge

Search Word's help for "mail merge" to learn how to start merges.

OnMerge Merging

Merges containing OnMerge Images work just like an ordinary merge. The only difference is that missing-file error messages may pop up if the master document contains any images with the Popup up an error message option.

Log in (OnMerge WebImages only)

Some of your merged images may be from websites that require you do log in with a user name and password before you can access images. You must be logged in to any such sites before starting the merge. See Internet Options for details.

Merging to a New Document

If you select Edit Individual Documents, note that by default OnMerge Images does not store the actual image in the merged document. Rather, it stores a link (the files' names) in the merged document to save space. If you send the merged document to another computer, please see how you can solve the problem with Document Options. Alternately, you can store the same image files on the other computer as well.