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Variable Photos, Graphics and Color Codes on cards and badges using Microsoft® Word Mail Merge

With OnMerge Images™ Microsoft Word Add-in, it's easy to include personalized graphics and photos on cards and badges.

This example shows different photos and color codes on each ID badge. The badges are automatically generated from a database, and the color codes improve security by making it obvious when someone is "out of bounds."

OnMerge Images makes it as easy—many folks say it's easier—to merge photos as it is to mail-merge text fields. If you have the images, OnMerge Images and Microsoft Word can merge them onto your badges and cards.

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Suggested Uses
Security ID
Employee ID badge
Employee ID card
Student ID card
Membership card
Picture ID card
School ID card
Security badge
Backstage pass
Pass card
Access badge
Access card
Identification card
ID card
Avery 2900
Avery 2940
Avery 2941
Avery 2990
Avery 2991
Avery 2992
Avery 2993
Avery 5361
Avery 5395

Avery 27871
Avery 5371
Avery 5376
Avery 5377
Avery 5870
Avery 5871
Avery 5876
Avery 5878
Avery 5881
Avery 5882
Avery 8373
Avery 8374
Avery 8869
Avery 8870
Avery 8871
Avery 8872
Avery 8873
Avery 8874
Avery 8876
Avery 8878
Avery 8879

Photo courtesy of FEMA

The biggest limitation of security cards is that nobody reads them.

Busy staff at checkpoints look at them quickly; nobody beyond the checkpoints does more than glance at them. It's often all too easy to misuse cards that are expired, are invalid for that location, or which belong to somebody else.

Logistical problems may make personalization with the holder's photo impractical, but dates and access privileges should be coded with images and/or colors.

For example, hurried security personnel will spot incorrect years or locations the sample badges above since they use color codes to identify access locations. They also feature a circle of stars to further identify the year 1999. Security is not limited to checkpoints, since non-security staff are likely to notice and report a red badge in a green area.

Fun with OnMerge Images: A certain musical group uses images of celebrities such as Lady Di and Elvis to code stage passes to code them for constantly-changing locations and show nights! That's great for security, but you have to love their souvenir value...

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