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This is the place to get OnMerge software for Microsoft® Word

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What versions of Word work with OnMerge? Word 365, 2019, 2013, 2010, 2007 on Windows. Sorry, no pre-2007 Word, no Macs.


Office 365? Yes, only for Windows on PC desktops or laptops only. No tablets or mobiles.


How many licenses? One for each Widows desktop or laptop. SERVER USERS must contact us for authorization before purchasing.


Click here if you're unsure about any of this.


For the ultimate compatibility test, try the trial version on your system.


OnMerge Package Comparison

  • Images Classic: merge images from PC & local network
  • Images Suite: same as Images plus merge from the internet and merge from PDFs
  • Barcodes: generate and merge barcodes only
  • Images+Barcodes Suite: all the above
Web Images PDF pasteup Barcodes
OnMerge Images
OnMerge Images
Yes Yes Yes  
Images+Barcodes Suite
Yes Yes Yes Yes


How to order

  1. Click on the appropriate button below to add your order to your shopping cart. One OnMerge license is required for each laptop, destop or workstation you run or load it on. Server users, see below.
  2. Click on the Checkout button and enter payment info. We accept regular Credit Cards and PayPal. For e-checks, choose the PayPal option; membership is not required.
  3. You'll receive the download link and Activation Key by e-mail within a few moments.

    Be sure to enable e-mail from or check your spam box.

OnMerge Images Classic: mail merge photos, signatures, graphics. Image files must be on your PC or local network (not internet).


OnMerge Images Suite: includes OnMerge Images, WebImages and PDFpasteup.

It's all of OnMerge Images plus it can merge from the internet and from PDFs.

Launch Special $84.99 use WEBINTRO discount code

OnMerge Images Suite: one-week-only license for $19

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OnMerge Barcodes: make you own barcodes


OnMerge Images+Barcodes Suite: our whole family! OnMerge Images, WebImages, PDFpasteup and Barcodes. Buy them all together and save.



Compatibility and Licensing Information

Office 365 for Windows on PC desktops or laptops actually is Word 2019; see paragraphs above. Tablets and mobiles are not compatible. Note that, unlike Office 365, OnMerge is licensed per computer workstation (i.e. desktop, laptop).

Word 2003, Word XP and before do not work with OnMerge.

Word for Apple Mac Macintosh ™ does not work with OnMerge. Many Mac users do run OnMerge by using Parallels to run Word for Windows and OnMerge.

Microsoft Publisher ™ does not work with OnMerge.

1 License is needed for each desktop, laptop or workstation. That license cannot be shared between 2 or more computers, even if you're their only user.

Windows Server, Citrix, etc: you must first complete our EULA for Servers Agreement to use the paid-up OnMerge on a server. The standard EULA doesn't allow use on a server — only workstations/laptops. Contact us.

Unsure what Word version you have?

  • If you see a round, multi-colored Office button at the top, left of the Word Window: you have 2007.
  • If the second tab on the menu is Home, you have Word 365, Word 2010 thru 2019, or better.

How long will it take to receive your software? Less than 3 minutes after you authorize payment.

How long do software licenses last? Forever. All licenses on this order page are perpetual, meaning they do not have to be renewed. Our other order pages may have different terms clearly stated.

Can you purchase one license and use it on 2 computers, for example your desktop and laptop computer? One device per license only. Each desktop, laptop or workstation needs its own unique license with its own unique Activation Key. This policy may differ from your Word license.

Quantity discounts are available for payments in $US only. They are applied automatically in the shopping cart.

 Quantity  Discount 
 6 - 10 10%
 11 - 30 20%
 31-50 25%
 51+ 30%

Does OnMerge work on Citrix or Windows servers? Yes. But, you must contact our support team for special instructions before installing the paid-for version on a server.

Concerned about credit card or identity fraud? Us too. We never see or store credit card numbers because we outsource credit card processing to heavy hitters. They send us completed orders without credit card numbers, so we couldn't compromise your credit card even if we tried.

Can you order physical media, or by phone or fax? OnMerge Addins are available only by electronic payment and download, right here. Your new software will be ready for installation within minutes.

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