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OnMerge Images Suite for One-Time Projects

Mail Merge Barcodes in Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010

One week of OnMerge Images Suite for that one-off project.
Only $19 for 7 days!

When does the 7-day period start? As soon as you place the order. Note that this means you can't stockpile 7-day licenses.

Can the 7-day license be extended? If you need more time, you can either
a) get a permanent license, or
b) buy another 7-day license after the first one expires.

What happens after the 7 days? OnMerge will stop working. Clicking on the OnMerge icon will pop up a notice that explains how to uninstall OnMerge.

Will I lose my OnMerge template/setup after the OnMerge license expires? Your setup is safe. You can pick up where you left off when you get a new temporary or permanent OnMerge license, for example if this is a once-a-year job.

Can I transfer my license between computers? A given 7-day license can only ever be installed on a single workstation.

Can I apply the price of the 7-day license toward he purchase of a permanent license? Get a $5 credit when you buy a permanent OnMerge license. Use the first 4 characters of your unique 7-day license number as the discount code in our Shopping Cart. Good one time only for a single, permanent OnMerge Images license ($US purchases only).

Can I get a 7-day license for OnMerge Barcodes? Only permanent OnMerge Barcodes licenses are available at this time. Send us a note if you'd like to "vote" for 7-day Barcodes.

For single projects, a full retail OnMerge Images Suite license good for 7 days. It's exactly the same software as the regular retail version with the features of OnMerge Images, OnMerge WebImages, and OnMerge PDFpasteup, and NO BARCODES. The only difference is that it lasts only one week. This can be a great alternative to getting a permanent OnMerge license.

That's 1 week for $19. You can save over $60 if you only need OnMerge to get a single job done and don't expect you'll need OnMerge on an ongoing basis.

You can use our free evaluation version to design, evaluate and test your project before starting the clock on a 7-day license.

The evaluation version works fine for doing all of your preparation work, but it is limited to printing just a few pages. When you're ready to drop the hammer on the final production run, you can get the 7-day version to remove the page limit.

What versions of Word work with OnMerge? Word 2019, 2016, 2010, 2007. All versions of Windows work. Sorry, no Macs.


Office 365? For Windows on PC desktops or laptops only. No tablets or mobiles.


Word 2000, 2003, XP? Not compatible.


Click here if you're unsure about any of this.


For the ultimate compatibility test, try the trial version on your system.


How to order

Do not order until you're ready to use your license. The 7-day period begins as soon as you place your order.
  1. 7-day license BARCODES NOT INCLUDED: click this Add to Cart button.
    For Permanent license: click here.
    One OnMerge license is required for each computer you run or load it on.
  2. Click on the Checkout button and enter payment info. We accept regular Credit Cards or PayPal. For e-checks, choose the PayPal option; membership is not required.
  3. You'll receive the download link and Activation Key by e-mail within a few moments.

    Be sure to enable e-mail from or check your spam box.

Sorry! NO REFUNDS due to the short-term nature of this license. Please make sure OnMerge works for your needs by trying the free evaluation version before purchasing.

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