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Creating Barcodes In Microsoft Word for Non-Techies
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Mail Merge Barcodes in Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010

Barcodes on the brain?
Maybe have a mind to mail merge barcodes?

OnMerge Barcodes?

Polished point & click barcode generator

  • Easy setup for beginners
  • Powerful options for power users
  • NO tricky barcode fonts
  • Automated checksum calculations and formatting of data for vCard, advanced GS1-128, others
  • Merge to Email barcodes work great
  • Send mail-merged documents to other Word users. They need no extra fonts or add-ins to view or print the barcodes
  • All standard barcodes: 36 types of 1D and 2D barcodes

Free 15-day trial version available here

$99.99 for all barcodes

The details

Addin for Microsoft Word 2002, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365 on Microsoft Windows®.

Polished, easy to use. As easy as dropping in a picture. Single point & click dialog box. The rest of Word works the same as usual.

Works with mail merge data or manually entered data, or a combination. Point and click selection of data source fields.

Works fully with Word Mail Merge's preview feature.

Create multiple barcodes per page. Works with labels, cards, and other many-per-page layouts.

42 Types of 1D and 2D Barcodes, including

  • Code 39, 3of9, 93
  • Code 128
  • EAN-13, -8, -128
  • QR Code, Micro QR
  • Datamatrix
  • USPS Intelligent Mail (IMB, OneCode)
  • Postnet
  • PDF417
  • 2 of 5, ITF-14
  • ISBN Bookland, ISSN
  • GS1 DataBar, RSS
  • FNC1 support
  • See the full list

Context-sensitive help offers info about every type of barcode and option field as you move around the dialog box.

No special data processing needed. Automatic generation of checksums, start and end codes, QR Code vCards and web addresses.

Uses no special fonts, or ActiveX controls. Generates full vector-quality barcodes.

Mail merge barcodes to Email, or send out documents containing OnMerge Barcodes. No special setup by recipient.

Easy to rotate and resize, except barcodes whose size is fixed by industry specification.

Set the hue and shade of your barcode. The background rectangle can be your choice of white, shaded or transparent (i.e. no background).

Can automatically resize variable-length barcodes to always fit within a certain overall size.

Switch human-readable text on or off, or add special text formatting.

Specifically designed for beginners. Experts with special needs can access industrial-strength technical options that are specific to each type of barcode.

Multiple options for detecting and handling errors in the data.

Free phone and e-mail support.

Free 15-day trial version available here

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Everybody's #1 question first: Why not use Microsoft's barcodes?

Word's Built-in Barcodes: The Good

  • Free
  • Microsoft is well known

Word's Barcodes: The Bad

  • Must type in manual field coding with obscure \x command switches. No immediate preview, no menu or Ribbon.
  • It's a real science project — for people with time on their hands. Obscure, there's nothing under "barcode" in Word's Help. The field coding takes internet research and is finicky at best, especially if your data comes from mail-merge variables.
  • Only generates a few barcode types (symbologies). For example, it can't do GS1-128 (aka UCC-128), Datamatrix, 2of5, vCard QR codes, and many others. Can't choose between Code128 A, B or C — a frequent requirement.
  • Available in Word 2013 and later only; anyone you send documents to must also have Word 2013+ even just to print.
  • Barcode height, size is tricky to control.
  • Barcodes disappear from mail-merges to email.
  • Very limited set of options, usually not enough control for many applications or when you're generating barcodes to meet third party specifications.
  • Doesn't warn about bad data, nor automatically convert legacy-format data.

(Word usually does up new features in style, so we're guessing the Word 2013 team quietly slid in just enough barcode support for a specific application or a huge client's project—not for general use.)

Barcodes Done Right: Point and Click

Barcodes are integrated into the Mailings ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010
How OnMerge Barcodes Works
Click Icon
OnMerge™ Barcodes™ is a Microsoft Word addin that generates barcodes in MS Word. It adds full-featured and easy, visual barcodes to Word. It's easy but has all the options and features the most challenging applications need. The rest of Word works as usual.

Just click on the OnMerge Barcodes button in the Mailings menu to pop up the single dialog box that lets you choose the type of barcode you need from a menu of virtually all popular barcode types. Here's the list of barcodes. You'll get an instant preview of the selected barcode. Click a few more times to change size, hue, shade, rotation, white/transparent/shaded background, or other optional settings for advanced users.

Connect Barcode to Data by Clicking...
Or Just Type In Data

When you need to mail merge barcodes, point and click to select one or many mail merge data source fields from a list to generate your barcodes. Data sources can be most of the usual spreadsheets and databases that Word supports. Just use regular data; there's no need for any data processing to compute checksums or reformat the data into barcode-ready formats. No funny characters needed. It's all taken care of.

Not mail merging? Just click the button in Word's menu, type the data into the OnMerge Barcodes dialog. Again, no need for any funny characters, checksums, start/stop codes or data processing.

Just Double-Click Barcodes to Visually Edit.
Plus, Live Mail Merge Previews

Create as many barcodes as you like on the page or in your MS Word document. Just double-click a barcode if you need to edit it. While setting up mail merges you'll get a live preview of the barcodes as you page through data records using Microsoft Word's mail merge preview feature.

Great Barcodes Ready For Bad Data

Adults have to plan for this stuff: What happens when you're mail-merging and that occasional error creeps into the data to be barcoded? Sooner or later, missing or incorrect data records will happen when you're mail-merging barcodes. You can't spot a bad barcode just by looking at it, and it would create big problems when scanned later.

Barcode scanners and readers have no common sense and no sense of humor. Realistically, you can't have a barcode solution for ongoing use unless you have a system to catch and deal with bad or missing barcode data, even if you think the data is good.

OnMerge Barcodes will not produce an invalid barcode. Depending on the error-handling option you set up, OnMerge Barcodes can pop up an explanation of why that record's data is invalid, or it can insert a text box containing that explanation into the document and keep mail merging. Or, it can skip the barcode or even insert a completely different graphic of your choice!

Send Your Barcodes to Anyone

You can use Word's Mail Merge To E-mail feature because OnMerge Barcodes uses no fonts or ActiveX controls. E-mailed barcodes are embedded into email as ordinary images.

Send entire mail-merged documents made with "Save As Document" or "Edit Individual Documents." Again, no fonts or ActiveX controls to install on the other end, meaning any recipient can view and print your files. The recipient only needs OnMerge Barcodes in their Microsoft Word if they need to change the barcodes or make new ones.

Designed for Dummies. Experts Too

Anyone who knows Word's Mail Merge will quickly be mail merging barcodes within minutes. OnMerge Barcodes is designed from the ground up as consumer software that becomes part of Microsoft Word. Same ease of use as Word's regular features, same quality of integration with other Word features and with how you work. Just for experts: know what an FNC1 is? OnMerge has 'em.

Free Offer

Enough words! We believe OnMerge Barcodes is the best barcode mail merge — and single barcode — solution but we might be just a wee bit biased. You be the judge. Take advantage of our 15-Day Free Trial Offer and see for yourself. Just click the link below.

FREE: Get Your OnMerge Barcodes Trial Version instantly

$99.99 Dollars

Very, very reasonable for a barcode solution that includes both 1D (linear) and 2D barcodes such as QR and Datamatrix. Standard, no extra charge for the 2D barcodes or for the new postal barcode. Best of all, we offer free phone and email support (Pacific business hours).

Still Have Questions?

If we haven't explained something you need to know:

The trial version is identical to the retail version except for the 15-day expiration and a 3-page limit. If something works in the trial version, it'll work the same in the retail version.

Order OnMerge Barcodes with 100% secure payment

Need to Mail Merge Logos, Signatures, Photos, Graphics?

OnMerge Images is our sister product that lets you mail merge any kind of photo or graphic file into your documents. It's just as easy and slick as OnMerge Barcodes, and they work great together or separately. You can get a real discount over buying them separately with the OnMerge Images+Barcodes bundle. Check it out here.

Comparing Barcode Features OnMerge Other
Full collection of virtually all the popular barcodes. Both 1D and 2D barcodes (including QR, PDF417, Datamatrix) are in the standard package $99.99  
Easy-setup web addresses and vCard contact information for QR Codes Yes  
Compatible with Microsoft Word 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 Yes  
Works with Word's Mail Merge, including the Mail Merge Wizard Yes  
Point & click to select Data Source fields. Supports multiple data fields in one barcode, e.g. FirstName + LastName Yes  
Works with Word's live preview feature, including labels and other multi-record-per-page layouts. Lets you check what merged barcodes will look like Yes  
No special data processing, no special characters are needed Yes  
Mail Merge barcodes to e-mail Yes  
Documents with barcodes can be sent to anyone; recipient needs no special fonts or ActiveX controls Yes  
Barcodes are easy to resize by click and dragging Yes  
Automatically deals with invalid or missing data records in Mail Merge Yes  
Great for beginners or experts; slick, fully integrated with Word's features Yes  
Free phone and e-mail support Yes  


Link icon FREE: Get Your OnMerge Barcodes Trial Version instantly

Link icon Order OnMerge Barcodes with 100% secure payment

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