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Mail Merge Photos, Pictures, Logos and Signatures with Microsoft Word Variable Data

OnMerge Now Merges from PDFs just like regular images

OnMerge PDF pasteup gets images, pages and pages from PDFs

Customize print documents and emails with different photos and graphics on each copy – and even on each page! For broadcast e-mail, too.

Use Microsoft® Word Mail Merge to create projects with automatically personalized images that deliver your message clearly and strongly.

  • Form letters with different (variable) logos, signatures and photos
  • Renewal notices, welcome letters, thank-you letters
  • Personalized brochures and takeaways
  • Business cards with mail-merged photos
  • Sell sheets and line sheets
  • Catalogues, listings and personnel directories with photos
  • Labels with personalized photos and graphics
  • Menus of the day with pictures
  • Photo-ID badges and name tags
  • Picture photo albums, automatically mail-merged
  • Newsletters with graphics mail-merged from templates

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We’ve made it so easy to Mail Merge Photos, Pictures and Images…

Just start creating your document with familiar Microsoft Word. The only other things you'll need are: the images, a spreadsheet or database of personalization information, and our little OnMerge™ Images™ add-in.

A movie is worth ten thousand words, so click here to watch a quick animated demonstration. The same simple process works for any number of images and any number of pages/copies. It’s so simple that you’ll be off and running in 10 – 15 minutes.

… and sending your merged pages as Emails only takes one more click!

You can print your customized pages on paper, or you can send them as formatted email. Just make sure that your personalization list, spreadsheet or database also contains the recipients’ email addresses and press the Merge To Email button: Word will automatically batch-transfer the customized emails to your copy of Microsoft Outlook® or Microsoft Outlook Express for unattended transmission.

The key is the OnMerge Images add-in

OnMerge Images drops in to Microsoft Word to extend Mail Merge's power without changing the way you work. You may have included pictures in Word documents before, but probably not for automatic customization. If you’ve tried, you almost surely concluded that that putting variable images in Word only looks feasible. In fact, it’s nearly impossible due to Word limitations and frustrations. We agree – we needed to mail merge pictures, tried, and failed. So, we created the missing link: the OnMerge Images add-in for mail-merging pictures, photos and graphics. It does the job fast and easy, and our customers love it!

Bonus Power Features

Even if you’re the world’s most sophisticated Word user, OnMerge Images lets you do things with variable images that Word alone just can’t do. You’ll discover that these are essential features for doing serious medium- or large-scale jobs. OnMerge Images can automatically resize different-sized original images to the correct final size, automatically substitute an alternate image if any linked image is unavailable, skip pages with unavailable linked images, or close out blank space that was reserved for an image but isn't available for that a particular data record.

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Watch the movie again


Technical Summary (For Tech Wizards)

OnMerge Images add-in for Microsoft Word links image files into Word documents. The add-in does not disturb normal Word operation. Linked image files can be on your computer’s hard disk or local network, and are linked into the document by name. Each file’s name can contain one or more mail merge fields from a data source, meaning that each merged page or record can be linked to a different image (depending on the data source).

File linking is accomplished using a single user-friendly popup dialog which lets you split each image file’s name and folder into 6 parts. Each part of the name can be entered directly, or can be taken from selected data source fields. All parts are automatically looked up from the data source and combined into a single image file name when merging each page or record. While you’re setting up a file links, OnMerge Images’ popup dialog allows you to automatically preview the image that any page or record will be linked to.

OnMerge Images automatically resizes images after merging (enlarge or shrink), solving Word’s well-known problem with incorrectly-sized images after merging. Automatic resizing is usually done to fit inside a given box without distorting the aspect ratio, but can be optionally done to an exact size.

Data-source lookups for some pages or records may result in file names that link to image files that don’t exist. OnMerge Images lets you choose what to do if or when that happens, just like high-end variable-data software: use a default “stand-in” image; leave the space blank; make the image invisible by making it blank and very tiny; skip the page or data-source record entirely; or pop up an error message during the merge.

Image files supported: JPEG (jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif), gif, png, TIFF (tif, tiff), emf, wmf, bmp, Mac PICT (pic, pict)

$19 to $79.99 per license, works with Word 2007 through 2019 and Word 365.

Click here to see an online movie demonstration

Click here to get OnMerge Images via 100% secure online ordering.

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Still have questions? Check out the User Guide.

Free trial download available here

Mail Merge Barcodes?

If you already have pre-generated barcode images, OnMerge Images is perfect for you.

To generate barcodes, click here for OnMerge™ Barcodes™. Works great with mail merge just like OnMerge Images does, same industrial-strength options when you need them.

Need both Images and Barcodes?

The OnMerge Images+Barcodes Suite™ gives you both products in one easy setup.

Example Gallery
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Mail Merge letters personalized with signatures, logos and photos

Broadcast e-mails and faxes customized with photos and images

Create conversation-starting badges and name tags

Publish up-to-date guides, catalogues and directories with photos

Make image-coded badges, IDs and labels

(click samples for details)

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Want to find out more about merging images without using an add-in? Read "Variable Images using Word IncludePicture."
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