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A whole new way of looking at PDFs:

Reformat PDFs using Word, or...

Paste up bits of one or more PDFs to make new and different documents

  • Select graphics, paragraphs, pages, parts of pages you choose from one or more PDFs into a new document.
  • Mix in your own text and graphics in the layout you choose.
  • All using Word's familiar editing features.
  • Easily automated for repetitive pasteups.
  • Or, start with an existing Word document and add in selections from PDFs.


It's an optional feature of OnMerge Images, our add-in for Word.

You can get PDFpasteup only as part of the OnMerge Images Suite or OnMerge Images+Barcodes Suite.

Free 15-day trial version

PDFs have always been read-only documents. Word takes a small step in the right direction, but PDFpasteup really brings PDFs into Office.


Open a PDF with Word

Perfect formatting Word messes up formatting, fonts, text. Often to the point of uselessness.
Import any image, page, or part of a page Must open the whole document, then copy & paste the pieces you need. A slow process.

Crop and trim graphics automaticallly.

Can trim page margins, headers/footers, page numbers, etc. to blend into your document.

Manually copy & paste, then trim graphics with Word's awkward cropping tool.

Works with Mail Merge. All these can be controlled with Mail Merge variables:

  • Which PDF
  • Which Page -- either by page number or by text search within the PDF.
  • Which Image
Nope. Strictly a manual process.
Virtually instant PDFs take a long time to open in Word.
Works with almost all PDF documents Many PDFs take several minutes to open, or just spin endlessly forcing you to cancel Word.



No need to leave Word, no screen grabbing, no websites

PDFs can be on the local hard disk or network, or on the web

Perfect fidelity & quality

No loss of resolution or sharpness

Automatically trim and crop; remove blank margins, headers/footers, captions

Mail merge based on your variable data source: variable PDFs, variable pages, variable images

Works great with OnMerge Images to mail merge variable images from hard disk or the web


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